lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007


Voy a escribir en ingles para que esta gente me entienda un poco, no os riais de mi ingles eh?? MUah.

Hi! Now it's english turn. Yes, I have to writte something in english because some friends want to read me (or not)..but whatever...I'm typing now.

What's up! As I told you, yesterday was a shitt day! All day being dissorganized...oooggg putain!
I have to forget yesteday!

Today was a good sunday for me, we went to Carlsbad outlet. I bought 2 t-shirts from Ralph Lauren and a jacket (or something like that) from the GAP.
I would like to buy something more but there wasn't time....what a shit!
Later I went with my family to their friend's home, a lot of kids there!! I'm becoming a kids lover!! What a huck!

Tomorrow we have classes in the morning, good for us and later, the beach! Oh no! of that i'm sure!
We are planning to go to Tijuana on will be ok, I want to drink some alcohol and see Serima get drunk....but I don't know if it will be posible.

Oh....the people here it's crazy....I have to speak about them....

The Venezuelan people, Saul and Miguel are very good. Saul is always taking care of me...he is very cute cause of that..and Miguel is very funny but these days I don't see him a lot...

Oh my belgium girls...I will miss you! Although sometimes ( not sometimes, everytime) your are speaking in french and saying (i supose) bad things....I love both of you.
Prana is the kind of person that I understand just for a looking, I like her. And Serima...I don't know how to describe her, I think she has a lot of things inside her but I haven't discovered it yet.

Ok, thats....all! I know my english is not really good and I'm tired too. so...maybe some day I can writte in english more and better.

A big hug for everyone. MUAK

PD: vosotros!! No os reiais por favor eh? Que asi en ingles hay que ser muy gilipoyas y un bien kedas y un de todo, el idoma no me permite ser muy ironica ni jugar con las cosas asi que es lo que soy en ingles....

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Anónimo dijo...

hi little spanish!
it's your puta... ^^

so, you like me? I like you too.

It's true that we can understand eachother for one look but we can argue for "conneries" too.

Anyway, I am very happy I met you, and I promise I will learn Spanish and visit you in Spain!!

You are a person with a big heart. I see you as a generous girl, who wants to give the best to the one she loves... And who wants to prove her love and affection!

Gros bisous, je t'adore
excuse me... > me gustas tu!


La tia cloti dijo...

UOOOOO yeah!


un t'adore...eso tmb se decirlo yo! y je t'aime!jajajaj

toy mal moniki, no encuentro piso...

desperado, la tia cloti

pd:mi señal que tal va?jeje

Tootd dijo...

Es la primera vez que leo tu blog, Mónica, y algunas entradas me han sorprendido gratamente.

Para escribir eñes puedes probar con el código ASCII de la letra ñ.
Esto es, manteniendo presionada la tecla ALT del teclado (la que está a la izquierda de la barra espaciadora) introduces con el teclado numérico (parte derecha del teclado, a lo mejor has de presionar BloqNum para que se active) 164 (ñ minúscula) ó 165 (Ñ mayúscula) y luego sueltas ALT.

ALT + 164 ---> ñ
ALT + 165 ---> Ñ

Otra opción sería configurar la barra de idioma de Windows (supongo que ahí utilizan Windows). Pero si la cagas en un ordenador useño, luego tendrás que explicarte en inglés :D.

Saludos desde Vitoria.


(The one of the drum )